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Tattoos last forever. So why can’t we test-drive them before making the lifelong commitment? Luckily, temporary tattoo technology has developed significantly over the past few years! I tried out one of the custom temporary tattoo companies, Momentary Ink, and loved my experience!

Companies like Momentary Ink have developed an easy-to-use custom temporary tattoo that anybody can use to test out their design!

Users can submit their custom designs online and the company prints the design. The temporary tattoo is nontoxic, waterproof and supposed to last between three and ten days. The tattoo comes in a small package with easy-to-follow instructions for application.

People are getting rid of these cookie-cutter tattoos and really getting into more meaningful, complex, often custom design. It really calls for a thoughtful decision, and requires a lot more of a flexible tattoo process. We want to make it easier to visualize something much more powerful and meaningful to people before they get it done.” – Momentary’s founder, Jordan Denny in an interview with Ubergizmo

My experience was super positive and easy. I uploaded the design I wanted to test out, noted where I would be putting it and what size I wanted, and paid. It was as simple as that! My order arrived within a week and a half.

Application was super simple as well. They provide very detailed instructions and basic tools to help you out. I loved how authentic the tattoo looked after I applied the mattifying solution. I had so many people asking me if it was real!

The only negative thing was that my tattoo disappeared after two days when the company’s website advertise that they stay on for 3-10 days. I was pretty disappointed at that!

Regardless, it was awesome to be able to test out the exact design I wanted in the place I wanted. It really helped me decide if I wanted to get the tattoo or not. I know if I were to ever consider any other tattoos, I would go through this process again!IMG_6097

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