Hair Trend Alert: The Lob


It seems like everybody’s jumping on board with the hottest new hair trend: the lob! This short and spunky haircut is sure to freshen up your look and make you look much more sophisticated.

I, for one, cannot grow super long hair for the life of me, so I’m all for this shorter look coming in style. At the beginning of this summer, I saw selfie after selfie on social media of girls chopping off their long locks in exchange for lighter summer look.

Not only do these hairstyles help women change up their look for the summer and gives them the advantage of a more low-maintenance style, it also is a more grown-up look in my opinion. It emphasizes the eyes and jawline Рgiving more structure to the face. It also is just light and fresh Рwhich can make you look more energized and put together. Overall, it looks much more polished and professional than the massively long mermaid hair that was trending last summer.

I’ve shared some of my favorite lob hairstyles I found on Pinterest and around the web to give you a little inspiration if you’re itchin’ for a change.

What do you think: yay or nay on this trend? Would you switch your hairstyle to a lob? How do you freshen up your look when you need a change? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Image source: Pinterest

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