Guest Post: 10×10 Guide to Mastering Road Trips

Erica Road Trip

I have my last guest post for y’all! This one is brought to you by Erica from Coming Up Roses – one of my favorite bloggers and also one of my sponsors! She’s such a sweetheart with such a passion for life and is fiercely loyal to her faith – something I greatly admire.

Since I’m about to embark on a huge road trip from Orange, California to Woodinville, Washington with Charlie (my best friend/boyfriend/biggest fan) and Erica is ALSO about to go on a road trip with her boyfriend, she decided to write a post for you all about surviving those long hours in the car. Wish us luck being trapped in cars with our stinky boys!

I hope you love her post as much as I do! Definitely listen to the songs she recommends, they’re great!

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10×10 Guide to Surviving Mastering Road Trips

Hey there! I’m no Madeleine – I’m brunette and approximately 3,000 miles east of her. But my roots are small town, and I’m equally obsessed with bargain-driven style and fighting (not literally) to end bullying. I’m Erica, I blog over at Coming Up Roses, and I’m way stoked to be on Madeleine’s space today. Plus, I’ve always wanted to time travel, so simulating a 4-5 hour time difference is only fitting, right? Speaking of traveling…

Road trips are always made out to be the epitome of a dream-come-true summer: top down (and hands up n’ out), the perfect sunnies on and the perfect people around you, all screaming singing top 40 hits and sipping iced coffees from some drive-thru or pit stop.

It never really works that way, does it?

Forget doing your hair – the wind has gotcha covered.

You never realize how uncomfortable car seats are until you’re in one for 8+ hours.

And let’s hope you’re reaaaaaally good at “holding it” when the nearest bathroom isn’t for another 50 miles.

But, I’m a look-on-the-bright-side kinda girl.

Wind-drying my hair sounds efficient, 8 hours in a car means a lot of Spotify sessions, and at least most rest stops have Starbucks, right?

I’m about to be celebrating the survival of another year of college with a road trip from Philadelphia -> Chicago with my Love.


In the hopes of helping your summer tripping, here is a 10×10 survival kit:

10 riding-with-the-top-down jams: (just listen right now – I promise, they’re too good to wait!)

For the second 10 (10×10, remember?), I’ve got snacks, sprays, accessories and an easy-riding outfit to keep you casual car chic. Is casual car chic a thing? Of course it is.

Erica Road Trip

To munch on: Popcorners (1). These triangular popcorn chips are probably popped in the oven of God, because they’re so fantastically addicting. AND they come in Sea Salt, Cheesy Jalapeno, Caramel, Butter, Sweet Cinnamon, White Cheddar, and Kettle (yum, yum, yum and yum again). Keep snacks light, especially when on-the-go; pack a few packs of fruits and veggies in plastic baggies for a healthier boost around the 7th hour in the car. By then, you’ll just need raw sustenance.

To spray: Bath & Body Works body sprays are good for road primping, because suffocating you or the driver with an overpowering scent is asking for a headache and an even longer ride. I love Cashmere Glow (2) for a sexier sweet smell. If you’re like me, you’re really picky about scents and you cannot cannot cannot handle foul ones, especially in enclosed spaces. Long car rides = enclosed spaces for long periods of time. Play it safe and just spray.

To chew: Stride Sour Patch Kids gum in Red Berry (4). Satisfy the sweet tooth without rotting it out. It actually is sour before it’s sweet, just like SPK promises. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

To accessorize: Steve Madden pink n’ orange sunnies (8), a two tone boyfriend watch (3), and an internationally relevant infiniti scarf (7) – because why not show some global pride on a cross country trip stateside? A road trip is definitely not the time to be blinded by rays, so be sure to pack spares just in case you sit on yours (been there, done that). Time is of the essence when you’re on a road to who knows where, so chunky hardware watches are what’s up. And saying you don’t want a flag scarf is like saying you don’t want world peace.

To moisturize: Suave’s Moroccan Oil body lotion (6) doesn’t have an overwhelming scent either, but it’s super creamy and moisturizing to keep you in tip top car shape. Even though your is confined within borders (relatively speaking), feel exotic with Moroccan Oil. There’s nothing better.

To wear: Studded gladiator sandals (5). Mine are from a street-side shop in Spain (no worries, I flew there), but get similar ones here.

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