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Post-Grad Life Update


Well hello there! It’s been way, way too long since I last posted anything – I am so sorry for that! For those of you who don’t know, I recently graduated from college and have been transitioning/stumbling into post-grad life for the past month. Life has been too hectic and crazy lately so I haven’t had time to write, but things are finally settling down. The time has come for me to join the rest of the adult world and start my first full-time job. With my new routine in place, I will finally be able to create more content to keep y’all entertained and up-to-date on my life! Continue Reading

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D.I.Y. Gold Vases

DIY Gold Vases

I’ve been playing around a lot lately with D.I.Y. crafts since I have my very own apartment now. I really wanted something pretty to brighten up my room, so I decided to line my windows with D.I.Y. gold vases of flowers.

However, like most first-time apartment renters, I didn’t have much money to spare, so I had to get creative. Thanks to Value Village, I snagged some cheap vases, bought some gold spray paint and glitter, and got to work! Continue Reading


8 Realistic Resolutions You Can Actually Do & How to Keep Them

8 realistic resolutions you can actually do now

Alright let’s be real here – it’s late January, almost February. Have you kept up with your resolutions? Personally, I honestly have only stuck to about half of them. I know a lot of people use February 1st as a reset button on their resolutions, so I wanted to share these eight realistic resolutions you can hopefully actually stick with for the rest of the year! Continue Reading


14 Things All Bloggers are Tired of Hearing

14 things all bloggers are tired of hearing

If you’ve been a blogger for a while, you understand the frustrations that come along with the job. Even though blogging has been around for a while, influencer marketing has recently taken off in a big way. The rules of the game have changed and bloggers have more responsibility and competition than ever. However, sometimes, people just do not understand what it takes and that drives us nuts!

I asked bloggers from Her Campus Blogger Network to share what they’re tired of hearing and shared them below. I hope you enjoy! Continue Reading


World Suicide Prevention Day


Hello beautiful, lovely readers. Today holds a lot of meaning for me: it is World Suicide Prevention Day. For those of you who do not know, I briefly thought about ending my own life my senior year of high school.

That is a story for another day, but essentially I was regularly being bullied at a school where the administration refused to uphold their own student conduct rules. With my chronic illness flaring up, dropping 25 pounds in a matter of weeks, and my hair falling out – all due to the stress – the end of my pain seemed inconceivable. However, after seeing a therapist, I was never diagnosed with depression and through the love and support of my family, was able to shut down damaging thoughts of self-harm before acting on them. I was lucky. Continue Reading