Bellami Hair Extension Tutorial

Before and After Bellami Extensions

I finally sat down and made a tutorial on how to clip-in and style Bellami hair extensions. I have the 18″ Piccolina 120g. Dirty Blonde extensions which are a little bit lighter than my actual hair, but blend really nicely when curled.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and please, please, please let me know if you have any questions at all.

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  • Jacky

    Wow thank you so much I’m really insterested in buying these exact hair extensions and your one of the few helpful reviews I found… But what would you say on a person with a bit thicker hair would you suggest these same hair extensions ? I really don’t want to spend more than 100 since I’m a beginner at extensions

    • I’m so glad this was helpful for you! I would say you’re totally fine getting them with thicker hair! There shouldn’t be a problem at all (: Let me know if you have any questions!

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  • Libby

    I love your video! I’ve been having a hard time finding reviews on the 120 gram set and I was just wondering if you ever wish you would have bought the 160 gram set instead? I have shorter hair (to my collar bones) and its very thin and layered. I’m wondering if this set will be enough for my hair? thanks :)

    • ESPECIALLY if you have shorter, thinner hair, I would recommend getting the 120g set. The reason I say this is because I have shorter thinner hair and I struggle to find enough places in my hair to clip in the extensions. I also struggle to cover the tracks with shorter thinner hair. If you have the 160g set, you will get more hair and more wefts, which means you need more hair on your head to clip them onto and cover the wefts. Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Leia

    I love the video! The hair extensions look incredibly good on you! :) I recently thought about getting extensions myself and wondered whether you’re still happy with them and if, after you curled them that often, are still as good as they were when you first got them? :) I feel a bit stupid asking all these questions.. :/

    • Hey doll! I’m so sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Don’t feel stupid asking ANY questions! I had so many when I was first in the market for extensions. I’m still very happy with them however I found ones I liked more. They are called Luxy Hair Extensions. Definitely check them out! The Bellami ones began shedding a little bit more than I had anticipated. I hope this helped – let me know if you have any more questions!!! xo

  • Pina G

    How do i watch this tutorial video?