Meghan Trainor’s Single Tells You to Love Your Body NOW!

Meghan Trainor

Who’s seen the hilarious and uplifting music video by the fabulous Meghan Trainor for her single “All About That Bass?” If you haven’t yet, definitely watch it below. It’s super catchy but also offers up a great positive message about loving your body!

There’s been a lot of criticism about her promoting one body type as better than others, but what the real message of this song is just all about loving your body for what it is and not trying to conform to the media’s expectations. This applies to women with curvier AND thinner figures.

The media places such unrealistic expectations on us – to have curves but to also be fit and small. It’s obsession with our looks objectifies is and makes is feel as though we’re never quite up-to-par.

This song could absolutely be flipped and just as easily have a woman who has been called “skinny” instead of “fat” singing about how she loves the way she is. It goes both ways! The bottom line message is the same: you are beautiful the way you are and you don’t need to be comparing yourself to others.

all about the bass

Critics point out that she says “skinny bitch” in her song, but if you actually look at that line in context, she follows it up immediately by saying “Hey! No, I’m just playing.” She uses the phrase “skinny bitch” because that’s so often what the media labels women who are “too skinny.” She uses it to poke fun at the media and highlight how ridiculous it is to call women that.

The whole song is upbeat and light – Meghan obviously doesn’t take herself too seriously and I think that’s what makes her message so refreshing. It’s not preach-y, but it gets the point across.

Meghan does not intend to say women with fuller figures are better or more beautiful than those who are thinner. The song is all about embracing your body how it is right now and ignoring the negative messages from the media.

Meghan Trianor All About That Bass

Meghan TrainorThis verse is what it’s all about. YOU are beautiful just the way you are! Don’t listen to the media because they portray an unrealistic idea of beauty. True beauty is within everybody!

Personally, I loved this song – it could definitely be my personal anthem. I found it uplifting, silly, catchy, and positive. It absolutely left me smiling and feeling good about myself – something that’s very, very rare in today’s Photoshop-dominated society.

I got yo back Meghan Trainor! I can’t wait to see what else you produce!

What did you guys think about this song? I want to hear your thoughts!
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