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Bellami Hair Extension Tutorial

Before and After Bellami Extensions

I finally sat down and made a tutorial on how to clip-in and style Bellami hair extensions. I have the 18″ Piccolina 120g. Dirty Blonde extensions which are a little bit lighter than my actual hair, but blend really nicely when curled.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and please, please, please let me know if you have any questions at all.


Bellami Hair Extensions Review

Wearing my Bellamis - I just love them so much!


Please read my one year update on Bellami Hair Extensions here. I am not pleased with them at all.



Bellami hair extensions are by far the best clip-in extensions I have ever tried. I absolutely love these real hair extensions because you can heat style them, dye them, and they blend extremely well with hair of all types. The quality of the hair is so apparent as soon as you feel them. Although they are high-quality hair extensions, they are also very affordable and low-maintenance. I got my Dirty Blonde 18″ 120 g. Piccolina Bellami hair extensions 6 days ago and am still completely obsessed with them. These extensions are clip-ins, so you can easily put them in and take them out. You can clip them normally for beautiful long locks or upside down for full ponytails and top knots. They are also real, high-quality Remy hair, so you can heat style them and wash them. I will make a separate post later all about the care and maintenance of the extensions, but it is really easy!

Here’s a video about them! Keep in mind, this is one of my first videos, so it’s a little rocky. Go easy on me, film buffs!
As somebody with very short, fine, and thin hair, I was very worried about getting clip-in extensions, however, Bellamis are amazing. I got the least expensive set – the 18″ 120 g. set in Dirty Blonde – because I didn’t want to have too much of a drastic change from short to long hair. I’m so glad I got this set because since my hair is so thin, if I had gotten the thicker sets, there would be nowhere to clip the hair onto. My hair covers these clip-ins perfectly and blends extremely well despite its short length.

I also have to say, their customer service is phenomenal. You can email them a picture of you and they will respond really fast telling you which set and color would be best for you. Their emails are adorable and make you feel like you’re talking to your best friend. So far, I have washed my extensions once (when I first got them) and heat styled them almost every day. They are the same quality today as they were when I first bought them! I’m so pleased. I have had a little bit of shedding, but I contribute that to the fact that I have been constantly playing with my hair because I’m not used to having it long! Today I haven’t played with it as much and I’ve had zero shedding.

The clips themselves hold very strong. They have a rubber backing that keeps the hair from sliding out. The wefts blend perfectly with your natural hair and do not stick out from your head too much. The texture of the hair feels like real hair – I can’t tell the difference between it and my natural hair at all!

Overall, I’m just absolutely OBSESSED with these extensions. I have received so many compliments on them and it’s really not obvious I’m wearing extensions at all. It looks and feels so natural. I couldn’t be happier! At only $100, you really can’t ask for a better deal than Bellami hair extensions! Their other extension offers include:

>>>>>>> I will be posting videos and blog posts soon about how to style them, clip them in, and take care of them! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask. I know when I was researching what extensions I wanted to get, I went through almost every video/blog post/Instagram picture/etc. possible, so I completely understand if you want to bombard me with questions. Don’t be shy! <<<<<<<