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Confident Women are Changing the World Proud and Pretty in Pink

The organization Proud and Pretty in Pink aims to tackle two of the most prevalent issues for adolescent and young adult women: sexual health education and body image awareness. The organization strives to inspire, educate, and empower women.

Created by founder Chelsie Mogan-Prince with her sister Chandra Mogan, Proud and Pretty in Pink aims to tackle these issues head-on. They work to help women overcome these unrealistic expectations of beauty and learn about sexual health in a comfortable setting. They host programs and workshops with schools, sports teams, sororities, churches, etc.

“Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many times girls hear how beautiful they are or that they’re good enough.  We have to inspire the self hate out of them.  We have to open their eyes and impact their minds.  We are prepared to do just that.”
– Chelsie Mogan-Prince
Proud and Pretty in Pink Founders Chelsie Morgan-Prince (right) and Chandra Morgan (left)

The lovely Proud and Pretty in Pink founders Chelsie Mogan-Prince (right) and Chandra Mogan (left)

Proud and Pretty in Pink has an event coming up in Culver City, California on March 16th from 11am-3pm focusing on body image. They have celebrity guests from Team True Beauty – Shantel VanSanten of “One Tree Hill,” Angelique Cabral of “Enlisted,” and Laura Linda Bradley of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the event. From talking with Chelsie and seeing the success of their previous workshops, I highly encourage anybody from middle school through college to attend. Get your tickets soon though (buy them here!), because they only have 60 tickets for sale and are expecting to sell out. Tickets are just $25 and you will receive a cute t-shirt and swag bag as well! For more information about the event, check out the video below or their blog.  I can guarantee each woman who attends this workshop will feel significantly more confident in herself.

Chelsie and Chandra’s dedication to this cause is so evident in everything they have done. If you’re unable to attend the event, you should consider having Proud and Pretty in Pink come speak with your organization. They clearly love what they do and would provide an incredibly enriching experience for all those who attend.

Here’s a quick video about the Body Image Workshop:


Whether you’ve struggled with body image or sexual health or not, it is undeniable that an education about both is crucial to the future of women. As women in today’s society, our idea of beauty is so warped. Bombarded with images of unrealistically “perfect” women in the media everyday, the feeling of inadequacy constantly nags at us. 

This expectation of beauty is to unattainable, yet so many of us go through extreme lengths to try to achieve it. Our insecurities manifest themselves in different ways – from developing eating disorders to depression to dressing differently to loading up on makeup. Regardless of our awareness of it, this ridiculous misrepresentation of beauty affects all of us. Proud and Pretty in Pink strives to empower women to feel confident with their natural beauty.

In terms of sexual health, many women have been woefully neglected in this area of education. Whether they have been taught the “abstinence only” method or maybe their mom simply refused to discuss it, so many women lack basic knowledge about their own bodies. From preventing STDs to understanding puberty to knowing the risks of unprotected sex, education about these issues is crucial for living a healthy life.

I love that Proud and Pretty in Pink are working towards helping women feel beautiful in their own skin and empowering them to take control of their lives. I can’t wait to see where this organization goes from here!

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