Honest Proactiv+ Review

Proactiv+ Review

Proactiv+ Review

As many of you may know, I received a 90 day supply of Proactiv+ to try out a few months ago. My trial has finally come to an end, so I wanted to share my experience with all of you. I have always had really horrible acne, so I’m constantly searching for the next best product out there.

Day One

I do have to say I was a bit skeptical starting out because I used Proactiv in the past when I was in middle school and the product did not work for me. However, I enjoyed that Proactiv+ (which is a different product line than Proactiv) had three very different products for each step. There is a skin smoothing exfoliator face wash, a pore targeting treatment, and a complete perfecting hydrating moisturizer. When I used Proactiv before, one of the issues I had was my face drying out so I liked that it came with a moisturizer.

Day Thirty

At the 30-day check in point, I have to be completely honest – I was far from pleased. I had seen an increase in breakouts and my skin felt extremely sensitive. There was a point when I had to reduce my use of the pore targeting treatment to once every other day because it would sting my skin so badly. I remember hearing a few times from other people that “it has to get worse before it gets better,” so I didn’t want to give up and decided to stick with it until the end.

Day Sixty

I finally understand why they said it gets worse before it gets better. Pretty much right after the first 30 days were over, my skin began to clear up. I was overjoyed!

Day Ninety

My skin is as clear and smooth as it’s been in a while. I am really happy with how it looks and feels. I find myself using much less makeup on a daily basis when I used to cake it on. Unfortunately, I still have acne on my chest and back, but I understand this product was specifically made for your face so that makes sense.

Overall Impression

I am pleased with this product. I will definitely keep it as part of my daily beauty routine until the product runs out. I might even purchase it again because the products I received are actually really affordable (only $19.95 for a 30 day supply!). I would be interested to see if their body wash works as well as the face products because that might be something I invest in as well.

I know that Proactiv products do not work for everybody, so if you had a different (or better) experience with it, let me know! I’d love to hear about it.

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  • i overall had a great experience with proactiv+ as well!

  • Chelsie Prince

    After I started training for my marathon I started breaking out for the first time in my life! It sucked! In the last couple months my forehead would not clear up. I decided to try proactive+ and my face was clear in two weeks. I’ve been using it since Feb. 9th and just two days ago my face got really dry and it burned. I forgot to put the lotion on after the first two steps. So I’ve just been using the face wash and lotion and my face is fine now. I have never been a big moisturizer but I’m learning that it’s impossible not to! I just noticed my pillows are a little bleached which scares me. But my face is back to the way it used to be so I’ll stick with this for awhile. Good review Madeleine! Xo

    • I’m so glad to hear that it ended up working well for you eventually. It’s interesting that we had a pretty similar experience with it being too harsh at first. The moisturizer made ALL of the the difference for me! Thanks for reading Chelsie, and as always, thank you for your loving support! xo