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Well hello there! It’s been way, way too long since I last posted anything – I am so sorry for that! For those of you who don’t know, I recently graduated from college and have been transitioning/stumbling into post-grad life for the past month. Life has been too hectic and crazy lately so I haven’t had time to write, but things are finally settling down. The time has come for me to join the rest of the adult world and start my first full-time job. With my new routine in place, I will finally be able to create more content to keep y’all entertained and up-to-date on my life!

I wanted to use this post to answer some of the questions I’ve received over the past few months since I pretty much dropped off the face of the earth. Let me know in the comments if there’s something you want to know that I didn’t answer there!

Where are you working?

I will be starting at Eddie Bauer’s corporate headquarters this Monday as an Igniter Intern! I am overjoyed to have been selected as one of eight out of nearly 450 applicants to be offered a full-time paid internship with this incredible company.

I’ll be working in a team of four to develop marketing strategies to reach a younger target demographic – specifically college-aged consumers. At the end of our nine week internship, we will be presenting our ideas and competing against the other intern team for a cash prize. Words cannot express my excitement for this amazing hands-on learning opportunity with a brand I adore!

What have you been up to since graduation?

Traveling loads, going on hundreds of dates, and clubbing every night, duh. And by that, I mean waking up at noon everyday, packing up my childhood room, and taking selfies with my dogs. Contrary to popular belief, post-grad life is less than glamorous. It’s a very awkward time where you feel like you don’t quite fit in with the rest of the adults, yet are far superior to all those *peasants* still in college. You have next-to zero money to your name and most of your friends are scattered all over the country. It’s a very odd time.

Yes, post-grad life has been pretty uneventful but it’s been a perfect time to check things off of my to-do list. Cleaning out my childhood bedroom was equal parts hysterical and depressing. Who knows why I saved every mix CD my high school ex-boyfriend made me or why I thought it was cute to wear elastic waist jeans. I found a journal where I wrote in extreme detail (we’re talking three pages long) about how my leg almost touched my crush’s leg in a hot tub in the fifth grade.

However, it hasn’t all been monotony! I’m exciting! I have a life! I have friends! In all seriousness, the highlight of post-grad life so far was my trip to LA to visit my best friend in the whole world, Selina – it was the best weekend I’ve had in ages! I’ll be publishing a post soon recapping that trip because I had too many fun experiences to share with you all here – it deserves its own post!

Will you marry me?

Just kidding, nobody’s asked me this obviously. But if by chance your name is James Taylor and you were on this season of The Bachelorette, then the answer is YES!

What’s next for Seattle Stylista?

I want to create content regularly for this blog – I’ve been pretty inconsistent in the past and that has to change. My goal is to publish at least one post a week, but hopefully more than that! I’ll be sharing what post-grad life is really all about, advice on how to navigate a new job, how to re-define yourself as a young professional, and my favorite fashion/beauty/budget tips for adult life! You can expect lots of humor and authenticity from me sprinkled with the occasional tidbit of wisdom and style.

Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. I also created a digital portfolio that has all of my professional info (resume, skills, projects, writing samples, etc.), so be sure to check that out as well.

Thank you so much to all of my loyal readers/followers/supporters. I know I’ve been a bad blogger lately, but I promise to make it up to you somehow! I can’t wait to navigate this next chapter of my life with so many encouraging people by my side. Thank you!

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