Personal Challenge: 30 Days of Natural Hair


I’m terrible to my hair. I heat style it almost everyday and then I complain that it never grows. So I’m taking a leap of faith and going 30 days without heat styling!

Many people might think this is not that great of a challenge. However, my natural hair is quite crazy – it is not curly, straight, or wavy. There are bits that get very straight, bits that are super tight curls, and other pieces that are simply wavy. It lacks consistency. Leaving it air dry results in disaster – a wild, poofy, frizzy, mess.

I’m challenging myself to find ways to tame the beast. Whether this is braiding it while it’s wet, trying out some new curl-enhancing gels, you name it – I’m going to try it. I’ll try to log my progress on this post as to not spam my page with a bunch of pictures of my hair.

I do want to say that there are a couple events coming up that I will need to have completely styled hair – a few sorority events and Halloween (duh). I’m going to try not to use any heat styling products as much as possible, but for these couple days (probably about four total), I will need to use them a little bit.

I will try to keep this updated every few days or so! Thank you so much for checking this out and I hope you find it helpful!

Day One

Here is my hair 100% natural. As you can see, it’s pretty short and wavy. (sorry for the terrible quality)

My natural hair

My natural hair

Day 2
Today it rained (crazy, right?). I felt right at home! I wore my hair in a messy bun with my layers braided back into it!


Day 3
I showered last night, didn’t wash my hair (gasp! first time ever!), combed leave-in conditioner, and let it dry overnight. I woke up with a crazy wild mess of hair that I tamed with a headband and some hairspray.


Day 10

We had our sorority initiation this weekend as well as a dinner to celebrate, so I did curl my hair for that one day. It was unfortunate that I had to use heat styling, but when I did, my hair felt way stronger and healthier and looked much shinier. I can already see a difference in the health of my hair and I couldn’t be more excited.


Day 28

Well, I am almost there! I heat styled my hair for Halloweekend, but besides that, I’ve been really good about keeping my hair natural. I feel like it has definitely grown, but from the heat styling this weekend, I noticed that I need to get a haircut because the ends of my hair are breaking off.

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  • It’s pretty natural!! I try to keep mine as natural as I can too!