Outfit of the Day: March 6th

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It’s finally beginning to feel like spring time! In honor of that, I broke out some of my favorite spring pieces today. I love white jeans because they brighten up any outfit. When paired with bright colors like this blouse from White Plum, it all makes for a fun and happy look. I paired it with some brown strappy wedges from Kohl’s and this stunning statement necklace from The Flourish Boutique. I love how the necklace provides a little sparkle and really polishes off the outfit!

Outfit of the Day March 6th

Ignore the phone in my pocket! I forgot I had it there. Whoops!

I love White Plum because they have really gorgeous items that are comfortable. This blouse can be easily dressed up or down, yet it’s not constricting. It’s perfect for work or going to brunch with a girlfriend on the weekend. They even have a whole collection of adorable print leggings (I mean, who doesn’t love leggings!). The Flourish Boutique has really beautiful pieces that transition well between day and night, which I love. I’m all about versatility! Especially when you’re a broke college student like me, you look for anything that has multiple uses. That’s why I adore this necklace – it’s fancy enough to be worn at a cocktail party, but subtle enough to be worn to work or running errands. If I wore this to work on a Friday, I could easily just throw on a dress and some heels for going out that night. Outfit of the Day March 6th Outfit of the Day March 6th Outfit of the Day March 6th

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What’s your favorite spring piece? Comment below!

White Plum provided me with this blouse. The Flourish Boutique provided me with this necklace. I did not receive any other compensation. All opinions are my own.

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  • I love the phone in your pocket comment. Too cute! I have never, ever been able to pull off white jeans, but I’m thinking this spring just might be the time to try again.

    • I was so embarrassed I left it there but at the same time, too lazy to re-take the pictures. Definitely try them! I never thought I could pull them off either because I’m not stick-thin, but I was surprised they were actually slimming. Just go for it! What do you have to lose (:

      xo Madeleine

  • Wedges AND Lilly Pulitzer of course!

    • Why am I just seeing this now? Haha I’m sorry Morgan. But yes, Lilly Pulitzer is a given (: I love summery wedges too!