Outfit of the Day: March 14th

Outfit of the Day March 14th

Happy Pi Day!

It’s also casual Friday at my office which means there’s donuts! I’m re-thinking wearing a skirt and tight shirt today because I know I’m going to stuff my face. I wish I had worn my stretchy pants (read that in a Nacho Libre voice). UPDATE (as of 11:38 am): I stuffed my face with a donut bigger than it.

Anyways, I love this outfit. I used to be so against combat boots with skirts, but I’m warming up to the idea. I never dress “edgy” like this, so it was fun for me! I’m usually all about bright colors and looking more preppy.

Outfit of the Day March 14th

I’m also wearing hair extensions. These are my Jessica Simpson “HairDo” 23″ wavy extensions by Ken Paves. I’m going to do a review later comparing them to my Bellamis that arrived today, but I never actually wear these extensions. I just felt like wearing them for the picture. I honestly don’t feel comfortable wearing my HairDo extensions in public because I feel like they will fall off and the texture really doesn’t match my hair. So anyways, I took them off after I took the pictures!

Boots: Steve Madden | Skirt: Nordstrom Kids (yes, I got it from the kids section, don’t judge) | Top: Forever 21 | Necklace: Forever 21 | Watch: Kate Spade | Bracelet: Forever 21


Outfit of the Day March 14th

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      Thank you so much for your kind words and advice as always!!

      xo Madeleine

  • Lix

    Loove this outfit! I don’t ID my style as edgy either but it’s such a good style to pull out every once in a while. I’ve totally started looking in the kids section when I shop too. If I can wear my kid sister’s old tees, it must be worth looking there!

    • Thank you! And yes – the kids section rocks if you can fit in it because the clothes are SO much cheaper! (:

      xo Madeleine

  • LOVE THE LONG HAIR!!!!!!! Keep rocking it pretty girl!

    • Thank you so much Morgan!!!! It’s scary wearing extensions but I’ve had pretty good responses so far (: Thank youuuuuuuu <3

      xo Madeleine

  • Wait if you hadn’t said those were extensions I wouldn’t have known!

    • Really?! Ah that makes me so happy, thank you. I just got new ones that I think are even better (: I can’t wait to show them off!

      xo Madeleine

  • You look so pretty! I love the shirt! :)