Healthy College Eating

One of my new favorite things is creating yummy, healthy meals for myself that can be easily made in a DORM ROOM! Yep, it’s possible. I have a small mini fridge, microwave, blender, and a hot water kettle. So how could I possibly cook anything remotely healthy?

Well, I’ll tell you this – my mini fridge would not be featured on the TV show “Greek” or in any typical college movie. It’s not full of beer or vodka. Or jello shots or ice cream. It’s full of fresh veggies, fruit, hummus, whole wheat pita bread, yogurt, and WATER!

I’m going to be posting a lot of tips and tricks on here about how to stay healthy in general, but especially while in college. I hope you tune in and enjoy!

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  • Joy

    That’s cool ! Hopefully your college mates will be inspired by you too :)

    • Madeleine

      Thanks Joy! They definitely have been very curious about my healthy eating and a few of them seem interested in trying some of my tips/recipes!

      • Joy

        Wow cool ! You are a great inspiration… way to go! :)