Guest Post: I was a Greek Life Skeptic…Until I Joined a Sorority

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Hey y’all! As most of you know, I’ve been beyond busy with transferring to a new school and sorority recruitment. Luckily, I have some amazing guest posts lined up for you to read! The first one is from Frances Fuqua from the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog A Dash of South. Her post is all about turning from a Greek Life skeptic into an advocate for the amazing benefits sorority life has given her. I hope you enjoy it and check out her blog as well!


I come from a southern family that is very involved in Greek Life. Where I live, the first question you get asked when you’re home from college after, “where do you go to school?” is, “what sorority are you in?” And for some reason I never really liked the attachment to fraternities and sororities that everyone around me seemed to have. I felt like joining a sorority would mean conforming and being a follower instead of a leader, or “paying” to have friends. Not to mention the way sororities are portrayed in movies and on television.

So, when I left for St. Louis to start college two years ago, I was determined to avoid Greek Life at all costs and make my own way in the new environment. I quickly realized how hard it is to find people you connect with at a school with thousands of students. (I went to a very small high school with less than 100 people in my grade; so making friends had never been a problem before). It was hard to meet people simply because I was meeting so many people everyday that I couldn’t really figure out a way to get to know anyone super well.

I started noticing all the girls in sororities and just how much closer they seemed with each other than I did with anyone I knew. I realized that if I wanted to be happier at school I should take every opportunity to find a community I felt comfortable in within the university.

I joined Kappa Delta in Spring 2013 and it is without a doubt the best decision I have ever made. Not only have I met my best friends, roommates, and mentors; I have found a group of women that I know have all the same values and priorities that I do.  I have found a community that will support me no matter what.

KD pic

My big and I on bid day, Fall 2013

Here is my best advice for those who may not have considered Greek Life:

One// If you’re on the fence about rushing, go for it. Most people who are unsure are pleasantly surprised and most people who decide not to regret the decision. If you’ve thought about joining Greek Life even just once, it’s worth it to try it out. After all, all the magic happens when you leave your comfort zone.

Two// Remember that rush probably seems a little fake because it is a little bit fake. We pull out all the stops in order to impress potential new members, and this can sometimes seem a little bit staged. Instead of focusing on the matching outfits and the cheering and the videos, pay attention to how comfortable you feel at each sorority and the general personality/vibe if the group. That’s what sticks around after the show is over.  And just remember: we do all the showing off for you J

Three// Don’t let one bad conversation ruin an entire sorority for you. One person isn’t always representative of the entire group. BUT, if you have one ah-mazing conversation with someone, really take note.  Chances are, if you really connect with one girl, you will really connect with a lot of her sisters

Four// Don’t stress out too much about trying to impress the sororities. Trust me when I say we’re trying just as hard to impress you. Just try to relax and have a normal conversation like you would have with anyone. We enjoy the conversations where we talk about time travel or swap stories about our most embarrassing moments much more than the ones where the potential new member tries to brag about her extracurricular activities and grades.

Last but not least, have fun! Rush is an amazing experience and joining a sorority that you love is even better.




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