Chegg’s Marketing Understands Students


I recently rented all of my textbooks through Chegg and was happily surprised to find all sorts of goodies in the box – not just my stuffy, boring textbooks. Wedged on top of my Microeconomics book was a Red Bull. Next to that laid some travel sized TRESemmĂ© shampoo and conditioner, 5 Energy Gum, and a coupon for Hulu Plus.

This little tiny gift has a serious impact. The gesture tells students, “Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.” It’s a pat on the shoulder, a push to the right path, a smile in our direction. Telling us that we don’t have to face another school year alone.

But above all, it creates a loyal relationship with us. I obviously want to purchase my books from a company that rewards me for being financially savvy and caring about my education. They also don’t send random promotions or useless gag gifts. They understand what students want – and need. An energy drink? Yes please. Travel sized shampoos? Perfect for when I visit home. Hulu Plus offer? Procrastination central. Why would I order with anybody else?

Buying textbooks is often a cause of extreme anxiety and frustration for many students, but companies like Chegg are learning how to make this process easier. They strive to lighten the burden financially and mentally. I could go on and on about how amazing it is that Chegg offers such low rental prices, but that’s another topic for another time.

This is the kind of marketing that excites me. It’s innovative. It’s fresh. It doesn’t feel in-your-face or superficial. It has a clear message and creates a strong following of loyal customers that will return semester after semester. Well done, Chegg.


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