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SABRE safety1 in 5 women will be a victim of sexual assault on their college campus. It’s unfortunately common knowledge that personal safety can be a major issue among college students. Between unintentionally putting ourselves at risk to others’ careless actions endangering us, there is always something to be cautious about. While this might sound hopeless, since there is much more awareness about these issues lately, there are more and more technologies and services that combat these risks. Keep on reading for some great campus safety tips and more information about SABRE’s College Safety Program.

The Security Equipment Corporation with SABRE is one of those amazing services I was talking about before. They produce pepper spray and various other self-defense products. I was fortunate enough to receive a sample of a few of their products and am very please with them. But what are self-defense tools good for if you don’t have the basic understanding of self-defense? That is a key question SABRE is attempting to solve through their College Safety Programs. These programs can come to your campus and teach you techniques to outsmart and avoid potential threats. They will also teach you how to escape if you end up in a sticky situation. Their goal is to help students feel prepared, unafraid, and strong so that they can fully enjoy their college experience. 

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  1. Never walk alone at night. If you have to, stay in well-lit areas only
  2. Do not walk or run with headphones in
  3. If going somewhere unfamiliar, map out where you’re going beforehand
  4. When at parties, use the buddy system. Have one or two people you stick with no matter what
  5. Utilize campus safety resources like Women’s Transit, Public Safety, Campus Police, etc. Have those contact numbers saved in your phone
  6. Know where the emergency phones/lights are on campus
  7. Let people know where you’re heading – whether its a roommate or friend, be sure somebody knows where you are in case you don’t show up or return back on time
  8. Get your keys out before you get to the door – rummaging around in your purse means more time for an attacker to catch you off-guard
  9. Be alert and pay attention to your surroundings
  10. Keep your head up – no looking down at your shoes or phone while walking
  11. Trust your gut – if something feels off, get out of there or seek help
  12. Report suspicious activity to authorities
  13. Keep emergency supplies like SABRE pepper spray on-hand just in case

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  • Coffee Beans High Heels

    thank you for these tips!

    • Of course! Thanks for reading. I hope these tips were helpful!

  • I’m so glad someone is sharing this information. And it doesn’t just go for the college girls – young women in cities, suburbs, anywhere should keep these tips in mind too!

    Life of Emily

    • That makes me so happy! You’re absolutely right – these tips extend far beyond just college women! Thanks for reading.