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I was tagged by Heather from Coconut & Cotton for this beauty scenario tag! This will be fun – she asked me and some other lovely bloggers these questions and then we get to tag other bloggers to participate. So here we go!


1. You have to get rid of all your foundations and you can only keep one high end and one drugstore, which do you keep?

High End – Well, this isn’t a foundation. It’s a primer. BUT I can’t live without the MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder

Drugstore – I use Boots No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation EVERYDAY

2. You go for an interview and the lady interviewing you has lipstick on her teeth. Do you approach the subject or ignore it completely?

This is tough! If it was anybody besides an interviewer, I would tell them for sure. It really depends on her attitude and the feel of the interview. If it’s extremely stiff and formal, then I would not tell her. If it was more casual and friendly, then I might just casually tell her and then try to laugh about it.

3. You’re not feeling yourself and need a pick me up. Which lipstick do you put on to make yourself feel beautiful?

I would definitely grab my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in hot pink! That color always makes you feel sassy and energized.

4. You go back in time for a day to your teenage years, how would you do your hair and makeup differently?

Good lord…fill in my eyebrows, not wear dark eyeliner around my entire eyeball, layer my hair, and STOP HEAT STYLING MY HAIR! I can’t stress that last one enough. I would fry my hair every day. It was horrible. Now my hair refuses to grow. I would give anything to have naturally long hair.

5. You ask your hairdresser for a shoulder length Pixie Lott hair cut, but they hear wrong and give you a pixi cut. Do you a) Smile, say thank you, leave and call your mom hysterical b) Cry in the chair and things get awkward or c) Complain to the manager and demand a refund.

Absolutely A and then maybe C. I’m always polite, even if my hairdresser messes up. I know that people always try their best, so I wouldn’t want to make them feel bad. But after I cried to my mom for a bit, I would probably be feeling a little angry. This would make me call the store and ask for a refund. I wouldn’t be mean or anything though!

6. Your friend surprises you with a 4 day city break and you have 1 hour to pack. Which ‘do it all’ palette do you pack in your makeup bag?

Oh gosh, I don’t have any palettes that have everything in them. I love my “The Return of Sexy” Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette though. It’s perfect for night and day. It has three basic color schemes that work with every outfit I own, so that would be perfect!

7. Your house has been robbed, don’t worry everyone is safe, but your beauty stash has been raided. What’s the product you really hope is safe?

My makeup brushes or my “Return of Sexy” Too Faced Palette! Since I’m a broke college student, those are my most expensive items.

8. Your friend borrows your makeup and returns it in awful condition. Do you a) Just pretend you haven’t noticed b) Ask them to repurchase it or c) Secretly do the same to something of theirs

I don’t buy super expensive makeup because, like I said, I’m a broke college student, so it wouldn’t be the world if she messed it up. My most expensive product is probably around $15 or so. That’s easy to replace. I might make a comment to her about if she borrows it again to be more careful, but I wouldn’t make her repurchase it. If it was something extremely expensive, then I might ask for that though!

And with that, I’m all done! Those questions were hard but fun – I hope you enjoyed reading. For the ladies I tag below, I can’t wait to see your responses!

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