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Post-Grad Life Update


Well hello there! It’s been way, way too long since I last posted anything – I am so sorry for that! For those of you who don’t know, I recently graduated from college and have been transitioning/stumbling into post-grad life for the past month. Life has been too hectic and crazy lately so I haven’t had time to write, but things are finally settling down. The time has come for me to join the rest of the adult world and start my first full-time job. With my new routine in place, I will finally be able to create more content to keep y’all entertained and up-to-date on my life! Continue Reading

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D.I.Y. Gold Vases

DIY Gold Vases

I’ve been playing around a lot lately with D.I.Y. crafts since I have my very own apartment now. I really wanted something pretty to brighten up my room, so I decided to line my windows with D.I.Y. gold vases of flowers.

However, like most first-time apartment renters, I didn’t have much money to spare, so I had to get creative. Thanks to Value Village, I snagged some cheap vases, bought some gold spray paint and glitter, and got to work! Continue Reading


8 Realistic Resolutions You Can Actually Do & How to Keep Them

8 realistic resolutions you can actually do now

Alright let’s be real here – it’s late January, almost February. Have you kept up with your resolutions? Personally, I honestly have only stuck to about half of them. I know a lot of people use February 1st as a reset button on their resolutions, so I wanted to share these eight realistic resolutions you can hopefully actually stick with for the rest of the year! Continue Reading


Thriftmas Eve

Value Village Tacky Christmas Sweater DIY-14

Happy Christmas Eve – or as I like to call it (with the help of Value Village), Thriftmas Eve!

What’s better than a tacky Christmas sweater? A DIY tacky Christmas sweater, of course! I scored an awesome sweater and some ornaments at Value Village and turned them into a fantastic goofy statement piece!  Continue Reading


Temporary Tattoos

Hailey Cates headshot

Tattoos last forever. So why can’t we test-drive them before making the lifelong commitment? Luckily, temporary tattoo technology has developed significantly over the past few years! I tried out one of the custom temporary tattoo companies, Momentary Ink, and loved my experience! Continue Reading


Falling for Fur

Perfect fur vest outfit for fall 4

Fur ruled the runways during fashion month and now it rules the streets. What used to be a symbol of wealth and status is now an extremely accessible, chic fashion statement for fall.  Continue Reading