All About My Road Trip

As most of you know, I had been M.I.A. for a bit due to moving from Orange, California to Woodinville, Washington. It was so much fun! My incredible boyfriend, Charlie, drove down (by himself!!) to pick me up from school and then we made the journey back together. I have to say, 20+ hours in the car doesn’t seem so bad with your best friend by your side.


We stayed the night in Santa Cruz and Redding but also stopped for a bit in San Francisco! My favorite part of this trip (besides singing super obnoxiously in the car) was seeing the scenery change so drastically. It’s incredible to know that in just one hour, the terrain can completely change from smooth beaches to rocky mountains.

I have never been to the Santa Cruz boardwalk or the Golden Gate Bridge, so it was such an adventure for me to finally go. Both were amazing! The Santa Cruz beach was full of the best people watching, the smell of fried food (we ate an entire funnel cake on our own for breakfast), bright colors, and just happiness. The Golden Gate Bridge was much bigger than I anticipated – it took my breath away!

I took a ton of footage during our trip (granted, I’m no expert) and compiled it into a fun video to share with y’all! I also have some great pictures to share as well.

I’ll be making another blog post soon about how to survive a long road trip like this, so if you have any of your own personal tips, share them in the comments below!



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  • Kriselle

    Loved your video! The Santa Cruz Boardwalk is so much fun, I stayed there a few years ago and loved it! And I am so jealous you got Voodoo, in Portland, I didn’t get a chance to try that when I was there! I miss Washington, haha I remember crossing that bridge too into Vancouver when I visited over spring break. I really want to go back. I love it there. Glad you’re back home safely, so sad I didn’t get to meet you while you were in SoCal!

  • Sarah

    Your video is amazing!! What a fun way to commemorate the trip — there’s certain things photos can capture really well, but video is another thing entirely. This makes me the West Coast, I’ve only been out there twice and only in CA!

  • Erica Ligenza

    This is too cute! Definitely survive it by traveling with your best friend…it just helps! Bring snacks. And come up with a fun lil’ game to pass the time! Boyfriend and I had a healthy competition going. As the GPS would turn to another hour number – 4:00 to 3:59 left – we’d have to yell the number of the hour we were now on. Whoever got it first won that round! Definitely helped to pass the time on a 12 hour trip.


  • Allyssa

    Your video was seriously the cutest. I loved watching you chase those birds!! <3