8 Tips to Feel More Confident Now

8 Tips to feel more confident now

We all struggle with self-consciousnesses from time to time. Here are my eight tips to feeling more confident that you can accomplish right now!

1. Dress to Impress

When you look good, you feel good – it’s science, right? Regardless, there’s no denying that you will feel more put-together and confident when you are wearing your favorite outfit versus some grungy sweats.

You may have heard the saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” and that has a lot of validity. When you dress well, it’s a sign to everyone (including yourself) that you take care of yourself and respect yourself. It allows people to take you seriously and in turn, respect you.


2. Stock Your Handbag

Okay now this may sound silly, but there’s a reason Mary Poppins was so successful and confident. She had her work cut out for her and had every reason to feel down. But she slayed her job and a huge part of that was thanks to her trusty handbag full of goodies. Let me break it down for you – when you have everything you need at your finger tips, you won’t be stressing about missing anything.

Some things to include in your bag: mints, powder foundation, lipstick or lip gloss, chapstick, tampons, portable phone charger, a good book, sunglasses, moisturizer, a pill case with ibuprofen or whatever you may need (how adorable is my Coach pill case?!), and of course your wallet.

U by Kotex has some super cute bonus promo packs of tampons right now in Walmart that are travel sized boxes of tampons, so that’s a good way to carry them inconspicuously. Part of feeling confident is being worry-free, so when you know you won’t have an embarrassing leak, you’ll be a lot less anxious. IMG_5599

3. Listen to Uplifting Music

Music has been scientifically proven to change moods and elicit emotions from people, so listening to music that makes you happy will naturally make you feel more confident. Music can reduce anxiety and depression naturally, so be sure to take advantage of it.

Heading to the gym? Blast some pump-up music. Off to a bar? Sing along to your favorite rap and hip-hop jams. Feeling down? Put on an upbeat indie station.

One of my favorite things is going to 8tracks and typing in “happy” or “upbeat” to find some fun playlists that will put me in the right mood.

4156101Image Source

4. Stand Tall

Power poses are a thing people. Seriously. If you maintain good posture, you will feel more powerful and motivated. In turn, you will feel more confident and happy.

Don’t believe in the power of posture? Check out this TED Talk about power poses.

5. Remember an Accomplishment

Sometimes lacking confidence can come from a negative event like a mistake or failure. To overcome this, try to remember a time where you were successful.

Recalling an accomplishment or even just a compliment somebody gave you can help you feel better and more sure of yourself.

6. Take Care of Your Body

You won’t feel good if you don’t take care of your body. It’s very simple. If your body is struggling, your brain will be struggling. Everything in your body connects, so it’s vital you nourish it all.

Feeling down? Go for a brisk walk or jog. Feeling sluggish? Eat a hearty meal or drink some water. These little steps will create a ripple effect to every part of yourself.


7. Read Inspiring Quotes

Hello, Pinterest! Seriously, just search “confidence quotes” or “motivational quotes” and you will get thousands of hits on Pinterest of amazing quotes that will make you feel better instantly.

Don’t have time to look up inspirational quotes everyday? Save some of your favorite onto your computer and print them out. Hang them around your desk or cubicle so that they are daily affirmations!

inspiring quote about confidence

8. Smile

Sometimes, you just have to fake it ’til you make it. Smiling when you don’t feel like it will often turn into a genuine smile. We all know that when we feel sincerely happy, we feel our most confident. You can follow all of the steps above, but if you’re not smiling, you’re won’t feel your best. A smile is the best accessory you can wear and will instantly boost your confidence, I promise!


How do you boost your confidence when you’re feeling down? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks!

This post was paid for by U by Kotex. All opinions are my own.

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