14 People to Write a Valentine to That Aren’t Your Boyfriend (wait, what boyfriend?)

All too often we get caught up in the romantic side of Valentine’s Day (I’m one to blame!). Many people feel frustrated or lonely during this time of the year, so I thought it would be a great idea to brainstorm some ideas of people you can celebrate this Valentine’s Day that may get overlooked otherwise. Instead of focusing on finding a date on Friday, take some time to show your appreciation for people who bring love into your life on a daily basis. Thanking people in your life will not only make them feel great, but you too! Here’s a list of fourteen people you can write a (non-romantic) love letter to and show your appreciation for this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Your mom
  2. Your sister or brother
  3. Your dad
  4. Your best friend
  5. Your favorite professor
  6. The president of your sorority
  7. The barista that memorized your name and order
  8. Your boss
  9. The coworker that shares your cubicle
  10. Any member of your extended family
  11. The author of a book that changed your life
  12. Your mentor
  13. Your tutor
  14. Your roomie

Valentine's Day


Share the love! How are you spending Valentine’s Day this year? Share in the comments!

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  • Love this post!

    Have a wonderful day.


  • Great idea! I’m single so I got my other single friends together to make valentine’s themed (red velvet) treats to a girl-empowerment-themed playlist. It was way better than being out amongst the sappy-happy people or being home alone.

    • Lauren,

      That sounds like a BLAST! It’s so fun to just celebrate love in general – not just the romantic kind – on holidays like Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sharing!!

      xo Madeleine